System Offline

Dear Readers--

A Site Preview

Change is in the air. While, I like a number of the elements of the current website, I've decided its time for a change. So I'm going about creating it. I'll be working to introduce Version 4.0 of Wide-Eyed & Laughing.

What am I hoping for? Moderate changes for now. Making it easier for me to post and share more tidbits of content, rather than focusing in on longer more researched or review based items. I do want those to continue as well, but I need to acknowledge that I've been more focused on micro-content.

I want to revisit how I do music reviews and share playlists. I'd like to share some of my household redecorations, so projects, paints, purchases, and pictures.

Hopefully you will enjoy, and I'll post more. Plus more pictures. I've got no timeframe. Maybe before the end of February 2013.

Alnisa Allgood